Operation Solidarity – Day 30

to our friends,

we are pleased to receive the statement of solidarity from the international campaign riseup 4 rojava for the anti-authoritarian units of territorial self-defense. our struggle against fascism is international – Hemû bi hev re dijî faşizmê.

on our telegram, we shared a petition to have ukraine’s debt cancelled. we want to emphasize that we are not concerned with the state, but with civil society, which we hope would also benefit from a cancellation.

Today, Ukraine’s gross foreign debt is $ 125 billion, of which $ 57 billion is public debt, or government-guaranteed debt. In 2022, Ukraine will have to pay $4.3 billion, of which $2.3 billion will be paid on IMF loans. At the same time, every day the war takes millions, and the reconstruction of cities and infrastructure destroyed by the Russian army will cost billions. Therefore, we consider it extremely important to support the initiative of the organization Social Movement, which has launched a campaign to cancel Ukraine’s foreign debt. The Guardian also addressed the importance of such move.

Operation Solidarity calls for support for this campaign, signing of a petition, and the demand for the cancellation of Ukraine’s public debt from its governments and international financial institutions. This will not stop Russian tanks today, but in the future it will allow to rebuild the country’s infrastructure faster, rebuild destroyed homes of refugees and prevent the introduction of austerity policies.


the media collective submedia made this video in support of abc dresden’s fundraising.

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 29

to our friends,

as reported yesterday we have had more patches made collectively for the anarchist territorial defense units.
the belarusian flag is the banned flag of the opposition in belarus, which is carried by leftist (non-anarchist) participants of the territorial defense.

One of the most important “operations” of Operation Solidarity is coming to an end. We bought 100 body armor level IV+ and today they all arrived in Lviv. This will provide protection for the majority of anti-authoritarian activists in the Territorial Defense. 50 bulletproof vests have already been sent to Kyiv. Thanks to everyone! Our next priority is helmets, tactical medicine and technological equipment, for which we continue to need your support. Our details: operation-solidarity.org/donate.


in finland people have taken our collection of materials to the streets, we are very happy about it.

and from germany we got the info that at a climate strike action of fridays for future flensburg donation pots for operation solidarity went around. it is important to find common ground in movements.

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 28

to our friends,

our friends from abc dresden support us from the beginning, they have just published an overview of the distributed donations on their blog.

we were also able to distribute some medical products:

Operation Solidarity donated drips, sterile gowns and gloves for operations to the Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute.


we also collectively made new patches for the fighting units:

35 chevrons for Territorial Defence Forces — result of the amazing work of Tony and Masha, members of the sewing cooperative ReSew. This is the second batch of chevrons from ReSew. Operation Solidarity is delivering them to our fighters.

The ReSew sewing cooperative is a horizontal, anti-authoritarian, queer-feminist initiative from Kyiv, which is sewing clothes for people in need, conducts workshops on upcycling and repair of textile items.


meanwhile, in russia, a molotov flew at the kremlin:

also, here is a list of properties owned by russian oligarchs.

furthermore we want to recommend you this contribution on twitter from riseup 4 rojava, which analyzes the reaction of turkish fascism to the war. furthermore you can find here a contribution about the situation of disabled people at the borders of ukraine.

in hamburg a solidarity photo was made for the fallen comrade Ihor “Crimean” Volokhov. <3

In Solidarity with the fighting people on the Ukrainian territory and in remember for the comrade Ihor Volokhov, which was murdered by a russian rocket, we came together on the Balduintreppe in Hamburg on 19 March 2022 to take a picture in solidarity. 25 days have passed since Putin attacked the Ukrain. We stand on side of every people which are in opostion with the mindset of state and nation and fight against faschism and power.

War against the war!

we published today the second report of our comrades from anarchist solidarity – check it out and abolish the borders from below.

and to all people who use instagram, we would like to suggest a follow on this account. there you will find regular sharepics from our blog, which you are welcome to share. spread the word!

solidarity will win

Anarchist Solidarity – Tour 2

we publish here the second report of anarchist solidarity (the first report can be found here) – one of the groups we work closely with from the beginning.
the report was written in german and is therefore published here in two languages. the german version is at the end of the text.

all cops are borders – solidarity will win

Krakow (2)

After our trip to Warsaw we met on sunday evening for reflection on the tour. All in all we were quite pleased with the outcome. Of course there are still many ways to improve but everyone would be willing to drive again. And there were some more stories: Another group which, like us, wanted to pick up mostly PoC at the border couldn’t find any and one person really made the suggestion to drive back empty handed. Puh….During the day one of our comrads got the message from Krakow, if we could come there quickly because the situation there is disastrous. Of course. Put a team together, organise busses and cars and then of we go. It really sounds like a S.W.A.T – Team .

In the night we were on the road again with two busses, plus a small van and car. We were stuck in annoying traffic jams on the motorway but for the ones who weren’t driving a good chance to lay down for a little while. The first tour deprived us all of sleep and we were back on tour after two days.

Arrival in Krakow, meeting with local supporters, a few Germans including one woman who speaks Russian. When you’re thinking about picking up refugees we have two tips: reliable people locally who can prepare the pick up, can give evaluation, look for parking spots and organise places to sleep for the drivers (or book hostels). Without local support it’s bound to get chaotic and with that also time consuming (and it’s also not bearable for the mood of the team)

And: Translators! Translators! Translators! Their undoubted necessity can be explained in two ways: local people (parking lot attendants, local supporters) only speak a little or no English at all. Communication is somewhat possible but it’s annoying and there’s always a large possibility of miscommunication. The bigger necessity is for the passengers. These are people who fled their home because of war and have lost everything. Now they are sat in bus where they sometimes don’t even know the destination they’re going to, accompanied by anarchists and antifascists who, literally speaking, don’t know what or how to say certain things. Which leads to tensions of the already exhausted people because they don’t know who they’re travelling with or where to.

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Operation Solidarity – Day 27

to our friends,

in turkey, some brave demonstrators tried to prevent the arrival of a yacht owned by a russian oligarch. more direct action is needed against russian aggression and it’s profiteers!

in bern (switzerland) some anarchists showed solidarity with the anarchists of ›black banner‹ who were sentenced in belarus. their struggle for freedom in belarus is inseparable from our struggle for freedom. the statements the comrades made in court can be read here.

from bigger media we learned about the discrimination of trans persons at the borders of ukraine and about the situation of roma in ukraine. our solidarity is with all those who suffer from repression and discrimination.

solidarity will win