Zhenya – R.I.P.

As it became known two days ago, Zhenya, the guitarist of the band Retaliation, died during another daily shelling of Kharkiv by rascist orcs.
He was a member of the band from 2013 till 2018. Retaliation played their last gig in April of 2018 at the Kharkiv Hardcore Fest 2018, after which they took a break due to family additions of a couple of band members. And we waited patiently for them to return to the stage.

Eugene was a graduate of the Department of Applied Linguistics, Faculty of Philology, Karazin University.
He stayed in Kharkiv, volunteered, helping to buy and deliver goods for the elderly.
The wreckage hit right in the heart and Eugene died on the spot.
This tragedy happened last week. And three days ago he was about to turn 26.
Some photos from the last performance …

Kharkiv Hardcore

Operation Solidarity – Day 60

to our friends,

in belarus the repression against our anarchist comrades continues with full force – we copy here a twitter thread from ‘freedom is a right’ for all those who don’t use twitter. solidarity with pramen!

19.5 years in prison for four: anarchists from #Belarus were sentenced in the “Pramen case”

On April22,the Minsk Regional Court announced the verdict in a criminal case against Yevgeny Rubashko, Alexander Belov and Π΅Ρ€Ρƒ two Artyomov Soloveys. They were accused of participating in protest marches in 2020, as well as being a part of the so-called “extremist”formation “Pramen”.

It is not known what exactly the proof of the guys’ guilt was based on and how the hearings were held, since the trial was closed 20 minutes after the start. Probably, the accusations were so unfounded and absurd that it was simply reckless to allow listeners into the courtroom.

As a result, judge Elena Misnik, at the request of the prosecutor Alexander Romanovich, sentenced the Alexander Belov, Yevgeny Rubashko and Artyom Dmitrievich Solovey to 5 years in a correctional facility each, and Artyom Sergeevich Solovey to 4.5 years in a correctional facility.

It should be noted that “Pramen” (@Pramenofanarchy) is a media collective that publishes anarchist news and comments on events from an anarchist point of view on its website and in various social networks.

It was these media channels, in particular Pramen’s Telegram channel, that were recognized as an “extremist formation”, and that happened only in November 2021, while Alexander Belov, Evgeny Rubashko and Artyom Soloveys were detained last summer.

Probably their participation in the activities of “Pramen” consisted only in subscribing to a news channel on Telegram. Meanwhile, the allegations of group actions that violate public order were based on the participation in the self-organized black bloc of anarchists during the mass protest marches against the rigged presidential elections and the violence against peaceful demonstrators that followed them.

We will know if our assumptions about the case are true when Belarus becomes free and all political prisoners are released. Now is the time to express support and solidarity to the condemned anarchists:

a.) Organize an action in your city (download layouts for the action here – link: https://dropmefiles.com/0zdJl)

b.) Share the story of the guys on social networks using the hashtag #FreedomIsARight #FreeBelov #FreeSolovei #FreeRubashko

c.) Write a letter or send a postcard with words of support (you can do it online through the form on the ABC website https://abc-belarus.org/?page_id=8682&lang=en)

d.) Donate to the @abcbelarus (https://abc-belarus.org/?page_id=8661&lang=en)

also, lately we have again received requests from people who are looking for their loved ones in ukraine. here you can find a telegram channel where people can search and hopefully find them.

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 58

to our friends,

today we want to update you on our new activities in ukraine:

Ukrainian railroad workers are another heroes of our time. Thanks to them doing their job despite the danger it was possible to evacuate millions of people and deliver strategically important cargoes to the most dangerous points of the country. “Operation Solidarity” is expanding its activities and will actively help the unions. Among them is The Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine, one of whose leaders, machinist Alexander, visited us the other day.


solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 57

to our friends,

while we are fighting against russian fascism, the friends of the kurdish movement are attacked by turkish fascism. we support the call of riseup4rojava and also call for the formation of an international antifascist front against all imperialism and fascism!

our grassroots resistance against fascism design is now also available as a free poster at black mosquito. but you can also download it from our material page and copy it yourself.

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 56

to our friends,

money is now also being collected for us in argentina:

Fundraising for the Ukrainian resistance movement has begun in Argentina. We sincerely thank our comrades for their support!


we have already been able to distribute many of the donations, however, we are always in particular need of hard-to-get goods:

Thanks to your help, we transferred a lot of medicine to hospitals, humanitarian headquarters and specific people. But there is a shortage of tactical medicine for first aid kits for our fighters. What we need the most:

β€’ Tourniquetes (БАВ, SOF TT, TMT Tourniquet, SAM XT, SICH+)

β€’ Naso Pharyngeal Airway (size 28-30-32 or 7-8-9)

β€’ Hemostatic Gauze (Quikclot Combat Gauze, NuStat Tactical, OLAES Hemostatic Bandage, Chito-SAM, Celox Rapid Gauze)

β€’ Chest Seals (Halo Chest Seall, Hyfin Ventor SAM+)

β€’ Chest decompression needle (ARS Needle Decompression Kit or Air Release System from North American Rescue)

β€’ Trauma wound bandage

β€’ Anti-burn hydrogel bandages (Hydrocoll 15×15 or BurnTec 10×10)


also there is a new faq of the resistance committee and the radio interview of the final straw with anarchist / left positions from ukraine was transcribed and published as a zine.

solidarity will win