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How to support Operation Solidarity

Operation Solidarity is a network of anarchists working on the principles of mutual aid and solidarity. The focus of our operation is the Ukraine: we are providing mutual aid to people on the run, supporting movements of emancipatory forces in defense against the Russian imperialist war and developing an infrastructure of solidarity with anarchists and anti-fascists from all over the world. Despite the incredible willingness to help people in need on Ukraine’s western borders, a humanitarian crisis is on the horizon. The logistics of bringing basic supplies to fleeing families are just as expensive as the fight against the enemies of freedom.

Our operations are exclusively financed by donations and our commitment is entirely voluntary. In order to remain able to act, save as many lives as possible and last but not least survive by ourselves we will need your support today, tomorrow and probably in three weeks’ from now as well.

On this page you will find up-to-date information on our current used fund accounts, as well as the different possibilities to support our work financially.

International Debit Card Transfers

At this time, the quickest and easiest way to support our friends in Ukraine is to make a donation to one of our credit cards (MasterCard).

β‚΄ Hryvnia/гривня: 4441 1144 1823 2755

Bank Transfers within the EU

In the meantime, we recommend donating to our friends from the Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) in Germany who take care of pooling and forwarding your donations to Ukraine. This way, donations made from within the EU remains free of charge for you. Please add the reference Ukraine to your bank transfer so that your donation can be attributed to our project by the ABC. For international non-EU payments, you might need an address, please contact us if this is the case.

Receiver Name: UGMR
IBAN: DE57 4306 0967 1216 4248 00
Note: Ukraine


Donations which will be only used to support refugees and victims of war:

Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum & Binance)

Cryptocurrencies are another way to support the struggle of our friends in Ukraine. This option mainly targets people who already hold cryptocurrencies or are registered at a trading platform. Since it takes some effort to get started, we recommend that people without any experience with cryptocurrencies use one of the donation options listed above. Donations made in BTC, ETH and BNB reaches our friends in Ukraine immediately and without any delay.

Bitcoin [BTC]

Wallet: 16ua3DjuQSoGHBy8BsVCKsPEnu62RBzuhK

Ethereum [ETH]

Wallet: 0x2c585f9aD8CB4BeEc4Eec685B71dC11893cec524

Binance Coin [BNB]

Wallet: 0x2c585f9aD8CB4BeEc4Eec685B71dC11893cec524

Other Cryptocurrencies & Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Looking at the overwhelming solidarity reaching us from the hacker, tech, and crypto scenes around the world and recognizing your very restless desire to help the people in need, we additionally set up wallets for more than 25 of the most popular blockchains, including many blockchains following the concept of decentralized finance (DeFi). Facing high transaction fees and the lack of cross-blockchain support within the major blockchains, this is a great way to support the struggle of the people in Ukraine directly by sending tokens from your crypto wallet. You don’t have to leave the ecosystem of your Blockchain, we take care of all the swapping and bridging related click work and then forward your donations to our friends in Ukraine.

Expand the view by clicking on the required token. πŸ‘‡

Monero [XMR]

Wallet: 46QHz5seFmWDGSb83qipqvVuiwZE6nKvPTVMctXewwMyWr3WqkEvqmvY7zn9HPsHdSVyHFhw3DJzNe4ZdukzDcnhJVUmFpC

Zcash [ZEC]

Wallet: t1afBp3FArfpTb4cAdfokfYLPsYw6vkfQeU

Avalanche Network [AVAX]

Wallet: 0x9DEF3AAb8283A86F6f906Be25eaeFD6D334C2fA5

Polygon Mainnet [MATIC]

Wallet: 0x9DEF3AAb8283A86F6f906Be25eaeFD6D334C2fA5

Shiba Inu [SHIB]

Wallet: 0x9DEF3AAb8283A86F6f906Be25eaeFD6D334C2fA5

Fantom [FTM]

Wallet: 0x9DEF3AAb8283A86F6f906Be25eaeFD6D334C2fA5

Cronos Mainnet [CRO]

Wallet: 0x9DEF3AAb8283A86F6f906Be25eaeFD6D334C2fA5

Harmony Mainnet [ONE]

Wallet: 0x9DEF3AAb8283A86F6f906Be25eaeFD6D334C2fA5

Stellar Lumens [XLM]


Dash [DASH]

Wallet: XkeR8PWRtwANwmaA7dBxhzKtLBQ9CwSP66

Ripple [XRP]

Wallet: rn6TuG7X1Wbt7UEzw8mAiTFrccjB9inBW9

Terra [LUNA]

Wallet: terra13lqyaywvvf2ucqsg3959c9smxtvf4gnr5h50kq

Solana [SOL]


Cardano [ADA]

Native-Wallet: addr1q8r4nsthn3mnp0la8fpvxm74qw3mhx595l5fnnuhgtgfne8nd4ekxvrmdceznc3yh4qd8ehyfprujqfm2egaw05xu2ws5qehcu
Binance/BEP2-Wallet: bnb1nffzvgp9xpdl8p70ghnxkz0u0knutdhhpd2q9p

Polkadot [DOT]

Wallet: 13wStsQau2hTwhUw7DFBwEGwTmHPLaGjhjsghaEvPx8wSANk

Dogecoin [DOGE]

Wallet: DGWLT4xv7uecYYU7Kf4MNtjRuy2UcGX2P3


Wallet: 4301d61024eb37497f44796070d1c93bbf619aa469d1d1e053e20e3beb967249

Chainlink [LINK]

Wallet: 0x8577Bc0500EA95141dC13b8BdCF290f155D96C60

Uniswap [UNI]

Wallet: 0x8577Bc0500EA95141dC13b8BdCF290f155D96C60

Tron [TRX]

Wallet: TJVuAYhLwd6BgPtFanqeauQ6ssxDGuu4dL

Algogrand [ALGO]


Cosmos Hub [ATOM]

Wallet: cosmos16qx0a8t5h7zu26slkkmpwyptk5gfapcvwvfxzz

Waves [WAVES]

Wallet: 3P7U8VsRy2eLCodzmSEcxQPWHsHn87CdJbz

BitCoin Cash [BCH]

Wallet: qr0kyme4j4neaz459ar0ny3k829hrs05cqg3hddqk3

PancakeSwap [CAKE]

Wallet: 0x8577Bc0500EA95141dC13b8BdCF290f155D96C60

Huobi Token [HT]

Wallet: 0x8577Bc0500EA95141dC13b8BdCF290f155D96C60

Nano [XNO]

Wallet: nano_3b8z36fczhoypqaoyxynjpfzjwz977adx1sssj4nebz579fch5te6bqdgbic

EOS Mainnet [EOS]

⚠ On the EOS Mainnet it’s strictly required to specify the MEMO!
Address: binancecleos
MEMO: 107857931

EOS on BNB Smart Chain [EOS] (BEP20)

Wallet: 0xfb1053a1c761d6f5f5305ab3e2b69decd82c9c6b

Avoid Cryptoscam! ⚠️

Please note that besides a lot of valid crypto wallets, there are also a lot of wallets and crypto addresses in circulation that are created and distributed in a fraudulent manner. Before you are donating any cryptocurrencies, make sure that the address to which you send your coins/tokens really belongs to the project you want to donate to.

Only wallets and crypto addresses listed on this website belongs to our project Operation Solidarity. If you want to donate to us, it is best practice to copy the address of the respective token directly from this website.

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of our project, we recommend a look at the transactions of one of our main wallets with a blockchain explorer. There you will find the transaction hash of the first donation received on 24.02.2022, the date on which we started the project Operation Solidarity and published the very first call for donations.
If you still have questions, you are welcome to send us an email: (πŸ” PGP )

Privacy notes for donations via Cryptocurrencies

For people who are concerned about their anonymity while donating cryptocurrencies, we highly recommend donating via the blockchains of Monero [XMR] or Zcash [ZEC]. While transactions on the most blockchains are easily traceable, these two blockchains provide a high level of anonymity and data privacy by design. As well as this, there are other methods to hide the origin and transaction routes of your cryptocurrencies. On the Ethereum blockchain we recommend a look at the Tornado Cash Classic project which is a fully decentralized protocol for private transactions on Ethereum, including [ETH] and other ERC20 tokens. Sherpa Cash offers a similar service for tokens on the Avalanche blockchain. In addition to [AVAX], the native token on Avalanche, also other ERC20 tokens can be anonymized using the Sherpa Cash service.

Call to Action ✊

Please share this call for solidarity and mutual aid through all available channels and networks in your community, family and friends!

Get in touch with us

In case you have any questions regarding donations in cryptocurrencies, please contact us at (πŸ” PGP). For all other questions please contact us at We are speaking English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.


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