How to Help

We are Operation Solidarity – a network of anarchists working on the principles of mutual aid and solidarity. We operate locally in Ukraine and have support in other countries.

We support comrades on the run and on the ground and try to cooperate with grassroots initiatives in Ukraine and on the borders to create networks of solidarity.


We try to find places for as many anarchist comrades as possible who are fleeing Ukraine with comrades all over the world. Our efforts are of course open for everyone!

The situation of the refugees is unclear. Nevertheless, we are happy about every offer of transport and accommodation and try to connect needs and offers as best we can. Please feel free to contact us and don’t drive to the borders without a clear mission. Psychological help can also be helpful.

But we are also dependent on the help of all others: if you organize structures at the borders or in your regions, please let us know, so that we can possibly connect you with each other.

On site

We try to support grassroots initiatives and social self-organization in Ukraine where we can.
People with medical knowledge, media professionals and NGOs – get in touch with us!


We need money to finance our operations. You can donate here.

Spread the word & get active!

The war is also a propaganda battle. Share our channels and blog where you can.
It is also useful to spread the information about anti-fascist and anarchist territorial defense to counter the Russian propaganda.
Longer analyses and statements can be found at in many languages. Share them. Especially this analysis (written just before the war) is important.

Also: go to the streets and protest, make designs, translate our texts, send us your soli-photos! They are important to keep our morale up and to exert pressure. By any means necessary.

Check also our Instagram-Post about how-to-help.

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