Operation Solidarity – The End

Hi! We have a very important post and we ask you to read it.

Since the invasion began, we have done a gigantic job: equipping and supplying fighters, delivering humanitarian aid to war-stricken areas, supporting those in difficulty, and trying to organize a refugee community. All this became possible because of you! Thousands of people, many communities, groups, initiatives and organizations from all corners of the world, united by a sense of solidarity and the belief that a world without war, poverty and violence is possible. We want to express our deep gratitude and share the results of our activities:

From February 24 to June 1, we spent: 2,230,626 ₴ / 59680 €

Of which for military causes: 1,573,385 ₴ / 41,404 €

For infrastructure and team people support (office, 2 warehouses, volunteer housing): 513,998 ₴ / 13526 €

For targeted aid – 128,162 ₴ / 3,372 €

For humanitarian aid (mostly spent on fuel for comrades who brought humanitarian aid) – 15,081 ₴ / 397 €

Maintained 200+ fighters all over Ukraine.

Participated/supported/organized 9 humanitarian trips to Kyiv & Chernihiv regions. Cooperated with ЕCOPLATFORM, Social Movement, RE:SEW coop, NGO PORYAD, Command A, DISTRICT #1, Ferrets on Guard, Kharkiv Hardcore Help, Lviv Vegan Kitchen, Helping to Leave and other local initiatives, which we may forget to mention. Our special thanks go to Black Mosquito, ABC-Dresden, ABC-Warsaw, ABC-Galicia and many other groups who helped us.

We reported only through June 1 and, as you may have noticed, the number of publications has decreased a lot lately. This is due to our fatigue and a long internal conflict. We have to announce that OS in its usual form cease to exist and our social media temporarily stop. We had to split up and most of the remaining money (84%) was given to a new initiative, Solidarity Collectives. We recommend donating to them only if you are absolutely sure what your money will go to. The rest of sum (16%) is used for launching a new project. We want to develop the Movement and not waste our energy on pointless feuds. But in the near future we will share our view of the situation for concerned comrades.

All this may sound sad, but OS has accomplished its maintenance goals, we have had an excellent experience of self-organization, we’ve learned valuable lessons and played our historical role.

Finally, we want to give a list of proven friendly initiatives and urge you to support them.

Humanitarian Aid:

Help War Victims – humanitarian help for war victims all over Ukraine

Help to Leave – international volunteer organization which have already helped to tens of thousands ukrainians

Lviv Vegan Kitchen – vegan food for IDP & fighters

Military Supplies:

GNIP – initiative that helps to Unit and other comrades in different places

KHH – good friends of us who run military supply for antifascists & scene members

If there is a force that can change this world and stop wars, it is solidarity. Solidarity will win!

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