Operation Solidarity – Day 23

to our friends,

today we want to share with you a report and some thoughts from our social media.

first, we were able to organize a large quantity of bulletproof vests:

In recent days, Operation Solidarity has made an extremely important purchase. With the mediation of the Polish human rights organization Open Dialogue Foundation, we ordered 100 Israeli bulletproof vests of the 4th class of protection and we are waiting for them in Ukraine in a week. It cost 60,000 euros, but it will provide bulletproof vests to most libertarian activists in the Territorial Defense, and possibly save many lives.

Of course, this became possible only thanks to the solidarity and support of many countries around the world! But bulletproof vests are only part of what the defense needs today. Therefore, you can still help us raise funds for helmets, unloading, tactical medicine, thermal imagers, clothing and other things that are virtually non-existent in Ukraine.

and secondly, we want to share a few thoughts from our structures with you.

In our organization we have intense discussions on actual political problems and perspectives, try to follow the events, conceptualize the realities, and to change… Here are some geopolitical thoughts


The Kremlin’s propagandists fabricate a picture of “War between Russia and NATO”.

However we don’t see NATO around. Instead we see Russian imperialism in its “best”. At the same time we know – there are a lot of Russians on our side. And there is no neutrality exists at the moment. There is either the resistance against the invasion, or its support.

Now the whole people of Russia is taken hostage by its government: growing poverty, threat of repressions, border closing or even nuclear war. The stream of Russian soldier’s coffins is growing as well. Inside are people who were used by Russian authorities to implement their crazy projects. So in fact Putin wage war not only against the people of Ukraine but also against Russians and Belarusians (by prolongation of Lukashenko rule). The defeat of aggressor will open the road for positive changes in all our countries.

We greet the anti-war actions in Russia, starting from street demos and up to sabotage against conscription centers, blocking the railroad movement of military trains and other forms of direct action. From anonymous leaflets and up to takeover of the television streams. The defeat of Putin – is common interest of Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians. We call all the people of the good will on any side of the border for active resistance against occupation. And all who became refugee – to speak loudly of your position and the truth about the crimes of Russian state in Ukraine.

furthermore, the comrades at black mosquito created this design – also with humor we will win this war and propaganda battle.

solidarity will win

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