Operation Solidarity โ€“ Day 32

to our friends,

here is a current video with small insights into our work.

you can support us with donations here. lastly, thanks to donations, we were able to distribute the following material:

Report! Yesterday our fighters in territorial defense were given: 102 ballistic plates level IV+ 26 plate carriers 4 helmets 13 pistol mag pouches 1 quick-Release Pouch 3 belt and shoulder systems10 tactical belts 3 spray cans of gun oil 28 power banks 5 pairs of tactical gloves 5 pairs of knee pads 3 tactical eyewear 10 headlamp 2 tactical belts 3 sleeping bags 5 backpacks 3 watches 4 fire blankets 1 monocular 1 binoculars 1 collimator sight Lots of food, including vegan


in germany today the fight against climate change was combined with the fight against putin in a creative way:

also in myanmar there were protests in solidarity during the visit of a russian official. the fight goes worldwide against every dictatorship.

comrades from black mosquito have printed another design of ours as a sticker:

and to all solidarity people who maintain their own homepage or blog: we would be very grateful if you could link us. links are also helpful to make our site more present in search engines.

solidarity will win

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