Operation Solidarity – Day 45

to our friends,

here you can find two short reports from our work in ukraine:

A few updates. We handed over a thermal imager, power banks, gas masks and carbines to the air reconnaissance unit involved in the fighting in eastern Ukraine. A new helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and two boxes of medicines were handed over to the paramedic, who is also in the East. And the territorial defense of Kyiv received 3 bulletproof vests, thermal imagers, turnstiles, carbines and watches.

Solidarity is our weapon!


The territory near Kyiv has been liberated, but the life of the locals is still reminiscent of survival. There is still no electricity, water supply, gas. Therefore, Operation Solidarity went to Bucha for the second time with a humanitarian mission. We delivered dozens of gas burners, cylinders, sleeping bags and mats personally to the residents of Bucha. Sleeping bags and food were also handed over to the Belogorodka humanitarian headquarters.


furthermore there is a new brief text of an anarchist from belarus, who describes his reasons to go to ukraine – you can find it here in german and spanish.

solidarity will win

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