Operation Solidarity – Day 48

to our friends,

here is another small overview of our activities in the war of propaganda.
all texts, videos and recordings that appear online afterwards are collected on our link page and we keep it always up to date.

The role of struggle in the information space today is difficult to overestimate. Therefore, members of Operation Solidarity continue to participate in discussions, speak at conferences and give interviews to international publications. To convey to libertarian activists around the world why it is so important today to support the Ukrainian resistance movement.

Here are just some of the activities we participated in:

– discussion «Anarchist view of the war in Ukraine» in Leipzig, Germany;

– interview for American Final Straw Radio;

– discussion with Barcelona anarchists at the La Rosa de Foc library;

– a series of discussions in the German cities of Kassel, Dortmund and Cologne;

– public discussion of the trade union union CNT-CO, France;

– broadcast of the podcast La Base, former leader of the Spanish party Podemos Pablo Iglesias;

– public discussion «Capitalism and war. Situation in Ukraine», organized by the Portuguese organization Socialist Alternative Movement (MAS);

– two events organized by the International Executive Committee (IEC) – International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International (IWU-FI) in Venezuela and Turkey;

– interview with Polish 161 Crew;

– interview for an anarchist blog in Karlsruhe, Germany;

– interview with the French libertarian blog Hacking Lord Sutch;

– discussion organized by the Botanical Garden Initiative in Athens, Greece.


furthermore we started to link some translations of our texts now on the respective pages. we started with the about us page in russian – in the near future more translations will follow. our telegram channel is alreay mostly writing in ukrainian and english.

another media project that informs about the direct resistance – mainly in belarus – can be found here.

furthermore the antifascist collectives opor and black mosquito joined forces and produced this soli-shirt for the antifascist fighting group kharkiv hardcore:

solidarity will win

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