Operation Solidarity – Day 50

to our friends,

today is the 50th day of our (almost) daily reports – and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been active in one way or another all over the world. it always gives us strength and power when we see how many people support us. thank you! <3
and of course we hope that everyone will continue to do so… whether it is donations, actions in solidarity, info and discussion events or even spreading the message on the streets and on the internet. everything is needed and appreciated.

we also got a new motive which was sent to us. it shows something of the utopia we are fighting for – because even if we unfortunately need tanks against the russian aggression at the moment, we are fighting for a world without war, state and capital.

you can order the motive at black mosquito as shirt and sweatshirt and buy it at upcoming events of us in europe and the proceeds will be donated.

solidarity will win

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