Operation Solidarity – Day 52

to our friends,

we have received a new solidarity photo from barcelona – worldwide solidarity against the russian war of aggression!

we also reported on telegram about rather unusual support:

As the Russian Orthodox Church praises the aggressive war (Patriarch Gundyaev recently presented the icon to the head of the National Guard of Russia that “should inspire young soldiers who take the oath”), activists from the Satanic Temple are looking for options to help the Ukrainian people: collect donations for refugees accommodation.

The Satanic Temple is formally a religious organization that advocates church and state separation. It’s based on humanistic and rational values (empathy, scientific approach to the world’s knowledge), promotes critical thinking, and postulates the freedom of the individual as the highest value. In 2019, a documentary about the organization was premiered at Sundance.

One month ago, the pope called upon the whole world to pray for Ukraine. And upon the ones responsible for the war – to end it immediately. Just imagine what kind of evil we have to deal with if we are supported both by Christians and Satanists.


solidarity will win

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