Operation Solidarity – Day 54

to our friends,

We faced the situation when many comrades wish to help people in Ukraine, but have strong pacifistic position and have doubts about donating to ›Operation Solidarity‹. We totally understand the reasons of your concern, ethical component so we decided to start separate fundraising company for needs of refugees & war victims only. For this purpose we have created a PayPal account — helpwarvictimsua@riseup.net
Now it’s easier to help our civilian friends, who have no ability to rehabilitate by themselves because of the war in Ukraine. We will provide them with:

  • transportation
  • means of communication
  • accommodation
  • medicine
  • food
  • clothes
  • legal assistance
  • psychological assistance
  • assistance to family members of the victims

An overview of our donation options can be found on our donation page.

further we reported about the solidarity work of unionists in poland:

The number of refugees from Ukraine to Europe has already exceeded 4 million, more than 2.4 million of whom are in Poland. Thousands of Poles are selflessly supporting Ukrainian families. But there is a problem: just two weeks after the Russian invasion began, apartment rental prices in Poland rose by 30%, hurting the ability of both Poles and Ukrainians to rent. Our comrades from the trade union Inicjatywa Pracownicza call for a halt to the speculative rise in housing prices under conditions of war and the establishment of fair pricing.


we close our daily update with this nice piece, which appaered in the strees of kyiv:

solidarity will win

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