Operation Solidarity – Day 56

to our friends,

money is now also being collected for us in argentina:

Fundraising for the Ukrainian resistance movement has begun in Argentina. We sincerely thank our comrades for their support!


we have already been able to distribute many of the donations, however, we are always in particular need of hard-to-get goods:

Thanks to your help, we transferred a lot of medicine to hospitals, humanitarian headquarters and specific people. But there is a shortage of tactical medicine for first aid kits for our fighters. What we need the most:

β€’ Tourniquetes (БАВ, SOF TT, TMT Tourniquet, SAM XT, SICH+)

β€’ Naso Pharyngeal Airway (size 28-30-32 or 7-8-9)

β€’ Hemostatic Gauze (Quikclot Combat Gauze, NuStat Tactical, OLAES Hemostatic Bandage, Chito-SAM, Celox Rapid Gauze)

β€’ Chest Seals (Halo Chest Seall, Hyfin Ventor SAM+)

β€’ Chest decompression needle (ARS Needle Decompression Kit or Air Release System from North American Rescue)

β€’ Trauma wound bandage

β€’ Anti-burn hydrogel bandages (Hydrocoll 15×15 or BurnTec 10×10)


also there is a new faq of the resistance committee and the radio interview of the final straw with anarchist / left positions from ukraine was transcribed and published as a zine.

solidarity will win

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