Operation Solidarity – Day 62

to our friends,

on our telegram channel we reported about a big tragedy from odessa, where at least our medical support to the fighting units was of some help:

An activist of our friends from the Ecological Platform, who joined the Odessa Territorial Defense, assisted as a paramedic at the site of the missile strike in Odessa. The strike was carried out in the evening of April 23 by Russian cruise missiles. Seven people were killed as a result of the attack, including one child.

in the meantime we are happy about every form of support. no matter how small it may seem – everyone can become part of the resistance in his or her own way. for example, here is a small solidarity message from austria and a few impressions.

If you are motivated it doesnt matter if you are organized or not, a group of people or alone – there are always ways to support and show solidarity, on big scales or on small and very DIY-scales. Every help is important so be creative and get started!

to support the idea of diy we now have stencils on our material page. but there you can also find posters, sharepics, etc.

solidarity will win

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