Operation Solidarity – Day 69

to our friends,

since the beginning of our campaign, we have also been trying to put a special focus on groups that were already marginalized and discriminated before the war – and whose situation has been made worse due to the war.
in doing so, we have always tried to compile information for lgbtiq+, bipoc, roma and disabled people – and in general for all those who (have to) flee now because of the war. this in both directions: for people who want to support from outside and for people who are directly affected. this happens alongside our practical solidarity work. we have created and maintained a page on our blog for this purpose and we have now added the following pad to it, which we will maintain and complete bit by bit:

the pad is more of an interim solution – a graphically appealing page that also collects many sources and support possibilities is nowar.help

together against all oppression and discrimination – for a free society!

solidarity will win

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