Operation Solidarity โ€“ Day 84

to our friends,

for today we want to share some thoughts about militarism, which we posted earlier on our social media channels.

Militarism. One can hear this word in almost every discussion about the war in Ukraine. Many in Europe today, while condemning Putin’s aggression, arenโ€™t prepared to supply the Ukrainian resistance movement even with protective equipment, let alone arms, because this would be “militarism”. Without a doubt, war leads to an increase in military budgets, arms supplies are not always controlled, and, in general, weapons are always about death. Itโ€™s hard to disagree with this. But it is important to clarify that it wasn’t the Ukrainian people who chose this path. Weapons and military equipment are needed only to protect ourselves from the authoritarian regime which today razes cities to the ground and kills their inhabitants. The lack of weapons will not stop the war, but will only lead to more civilian casualties, kidnappings and torture in the occupied territories, a humanitarian catastrophe, and more waves of refugees.

The war in Ukraine, and rising tensions around the world, vividly demonstrate that the world really needs a new anti-war movement which would force all players to give up offensive weapons and nuclear arms. However, such a movement would be feasible only if Ukraine wins this war. The aggressorโ€™s victory would l show everyone that, under the current dubious rules of the game, sufficient military resources and nuclear weapons are enough to win, and take us right back to the good old days of the arms race. The presence of an aggressor state, one that has achieved its goals through military means, will lead to an even more significant expansion of military budgets, an increased concentration of weapons at the borders of Russia and Europe, and a constant threat of world destruction in a nuclear war. This cannot be acceptable for any anti-war movement.

solidarity will win

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