Operation Solidarity – Day 88

to our friends,

today we have two reports from ukraine to share with you. if you want to support our civilian work, you can find a paypal address on our donation page exclusively for civilian purposes.

Operation Solidarity went to Chernihiv for the second time. From the beginning of the war until the retreat of the Russian troops, the city was actually under siege and suffered considerable destruction. The Russian army destroyed over a thousand homes as well as critical infrastructure. Although the city is slowly receding from the siege, the situation remains dire and people are in need of the most basic things. Such as the food that the members of our organisation brought.


No, it is not a victory weapon, but rather the opposite. The Maxim machine gun from the early 20th century Civil War had to be put back into action. This is a clear indicator of how much the Ukrainians need modern weaponry.

But on the other hand, it is a symbolic weapon. Maxim machine gun was the trademark of the Makhnovist movement. Today’s Makhnovists, albeit in completely different circumstances, are once again forced to bring it out to confront the imperialists.


in addition, another villa of a russian oligarch was symbolically occupied over the weekend:

solidarity will win

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