Operation Solidarity – Day 70

to our friends,

here is another report from our civil work – if you want to support it, check out our donation page.

We are setting up direct deliveries to regions suffering from Russian aggression. A truck with medicine from our Lviv warehouse has already reached hospital No 8 in Kryvyi Rih. This hospital is known for the fact that its workers and employees fought against mass layoffs in 2019 and won. Today, its medics are fighting for the lives of people injured by the war.


there will be another info- and solidarity-event in hamburg soon:

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 69

to our friends,

since the beginning of our campaign, we have also been trying to put a special focus on groups that were already marginalized and discriminated before the war – and whose situation has been made worse due to the war.
in doing so, we have always tried to compile information for lgbtiq+, bipoc, roma and disabled people – and in general for all those who (have to) flee now because of the war. this in both directions: for people who want to support from outside and for people who are directly affected. this happens alongside our practical solidarity work. we have created and maintained a page on our blog for this purpose and we have now added the following pad to it, which we will maintain and complete bit by bit:

the pad is more of an interim solution – a graphically appealing page that also collects many sources and support possibilities is nowar.help

together against all oppression and discrimination – for a free society!

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 68

to our friends,

here are a few more impressions of expressions of solidarity on may day around the world:

in addition, a comrade will be holding a few events in switzerland in the next few days:

and in leipzig there will be a protest against a mass deportation to georgia – which also suffers from russian imperialism:

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 67

to our friends,

here you can find a small first collection of solidarisations on demos for mayday – feel free to send us more pictures.
we collect all solidarity pictures in our gallery.

there is also a new art initiative in italy to raise money for us.

abc moscow has also published a recent report on the repression against the anti-war movement in russia.

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 66

to our friends,

today we want to present you two important contributions about our work – and once again wish you a militant may 1st.

We are the Ukrainian anti-authoritarian volunteer networkOperation Solidarity.

Though we are people who carry many differing points of view, we share a common understanding of Russian aggression. That understanding is, in summary: that we condemn the invasion by the Russian Federation and their leadership who has orchestrated it.

As anti-authoritarian activists, we immediately joined the resistance movement at the onset of the war. Many of our comrades joined the ranks of the defence forces. Our purpose, therefore, is to supply them with everything they need as well as help others in need whenever we are capable.

One Might ask, “How could people who have consistently opposed the state for many years now defend it with arms and solicit military gear from around the world?”. Our understanding of this war as imperialist and an act of aggression against the people unites us. Here are our reasons why:

❗️This is not–to use the Kremlin’s words–a “war of denazification” Ukraine certainly does have a far-right problem, but its scale and influence are exaggerated by Russian propaganda, which exploits and parasitizes the language and tradition of anti-fascism. Ukraine is a much freer country than Russia, which has increasingly resembled a fascist regime more and more each day since the war began.

❗️This is not a war to liberate Russian-speaking Ukrainians. Today the majority of combats taking place in Ukraine take place in the predominantly Russian-speaking areas, where Russian-speaking people are the main victims of these atrocious war crimes. That is why Ukrainians do not greet the Russian army with flowers and instead enlist with the Territorial Defence to meet “the liberators” in a far different way than Russia claims.

❗️ This is not Russia’s war against NATO. It is not NATO’s war against Russia with Ukraine as a proxy either. We are critical of Western imperialism that is so evident in other parts of the world. However, it is Russia – a state that tries to impose its hegemony in the region – that is responsible for this particular war. If Ukraine’s neutrality and NATO’s expansion to the East were the real reasons for war, it would already end. Or, perhaps, it wouldn’t even start.

❗️ This is also Putin’s war against his own people. The “special operation”, as the Russian state demands and enforces it be labelled, allowed the Kremlin to institute a brutal dictatorship, repress anti-war demonstrations, eradicate all opposition mass media, and leave so very many Russian citizens who disagreed with the government to leave the country. Belarus, too, finds itself in the same situation. Russian policy treats this systematic repression of dissidents and freedom as a blueprint for the hegemony it wishes to establish over this region as a whole.

Russia’s ambitions of empire yield demands of a magnitude far too costly for anyone to agree with for “peace at any cost”. To kowtow to their demands would inevitably lead to the defeat of all the regional progressive forces. What a peace treaty entails is highly dependent on the situation on the battlefields. That is why we call everyone for whom freedom, equality, sisterhood, and brotherhood are not empty words, to support the Ukrainian resistance movement. There are several ways you can do this, such as by:

✊🏼 Directly supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the Territorial Defence;

✊🏼 Supporting volunteer movements and humanitarian initiatives;

 ✊🏼 Helping Ukrainian refugees;

 ✊🏼 Demanding that your governments provide financial, humanitarian or military aid to Ukraine;

 ✊🏼 Advocating for the cancellation of Ukrainian external debt, which would be vital for post-war reconstruction.

Finally, you can support Operation Solidarity. In doing so you can be assured that your support will help anti-authoritarians who fight for a free society. A society free from prejudices, inequality, and aggression.


Thanks to you Operation Solidarity has received an impressive amount of humanitarian aid, and now we have the opportunity to strengthen the second direction of our activity.

So far we have been able to:

✔️ made 5 trips with humanitarian cargo to Bilohorodka and Bucha, donating food, camping gas stoves, sleeping bags, mats, power banks and a significant amount of medicine;

✔️ sent 2 consignments of medicines to Kramatorsk, which were given to the local hospital, border guards and activists, who distributed them to locals;

✔️ donated a laryngoscope and surgical consumables to the Institute of Neurosurgery named after A.P. Romodanov;

✔️ handed out L-Thyroxine medication at the time of the greatest drug shortage;

✔️ the humanitarian aid that we couldn’t distribute on our own was given to friendly volunteer initiatives.

Today Operation Solidarity receives more and more requests from cities affected by the occupation. This is why our work in this direction continues.


solidarity will win