Operation Solidarity – Day 107

to our friends,

don’t forget to tune in here tomorrow:


furthermore, another article has appeared in the mainstream press about the anarchist fighters against the russian army.

furthermore we want to share the call of the kurdish comrades – because also in rojava new war is threatening. bijî berxwedana rojava!

DAY X: Turkish Invasion imminent

Evaluation of current situation & call for action We call on all democrats, antifascists, feminists, the ecological movement and anti-war activists to prepare themselves for Day X; the day of a invasion by Turkey on Rojava and the Autonomous Administration of North- and Eastern Syria. In case of an attack we will give the signal to start acting. To give a proper answer to an attack we have to prepare now and be ready to Block, Disturb & Occupy the supporters of Turkish Fascism and to defend the achievements of the Revolution!

Evaluation & Call for action: English / German / Greek / French

solidarity will win

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