Operation Solidarity – Day 5

To our friends,

this morning we reported on our Instagram account about Putin’s use of prohibited weapons of war. Please spread this info.


There are many offers to accommodate people at the moment, thank you very much. We are trying to help you in the best possible way. We ourselves have a Telegram channel where we can invite you. Send us a short mail with what you have to offer or what you are looking for and your Telegram username and we will add you.

Also, this morning we shared some legal info for people from Ukraine who are in Germany or want to go there. Here is also a platform that arranges accommodation in Berlin (not from us) here.

Recently activists seem to have developed an online game that allows automated ddos attacks on Russian propaganda sites.

The secure messenger Signal counters rumors on Twitter that it is under attack. More and more people are switching to it right now – and we want to recommend it to you, too.

To end on a good note, we’ve received many expressions of solidarity and financial support again today – whether from Punx in Germany, anti-fascists in Australia, or anarchists in the US (and the countless others). Thank you.

Solidarity will win.

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