Operation Solidarity – Day 6

to our friends,

there are more reports of putin using prohibited weapons. we urge you to spread these reports as widely as possible.

we ourselves are currently very busy sorting and structuring ourselves on the ground in ukraine. our people in europe are very busy coordinating and collecting all the offers of solidarity. therefore there is not much content from us here at the moment.

whoever has useful information about support possibilities at the borders: feel free to send it to us as well. we always try to create direct connections between all of you – mutual aid!

there is a great willingness to go to the border. that’s great, however, mindless driving there is not helpful – here’s a recent post from #leavenoonebehind. if you want to help individually at the border, contact them in advance.

enjoyers who need a ride from warsaw – we’ll have one for you tomorrow. get in touch.

we also updated our how to help page today! check it out.

this war is also a war for information. so please share our page and anarchist analyses (for example you can find them on crimethinc.com). we also got a new sharepic. in the next days we want to collect all the graphics, it’s just not high on our priority list right now.

by the way, this telegram channel here also reports in daily updates.

solidarity will win

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