Situation of BIPoC at the borders.

We are aware of the extra difficult situation of BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) trying to leave the Ukraine. They are confronted with a racist border policy and also with fascists from Poland. Some of our supporters already got involved in practical anti-racist solidarity. Here comes a collection of sources and coverage which might be useful for you.

Solidarity structures & self-organization

There are info- and support websites for BIPoC. they link to telegram groups that spread updates and give a platform for self organization.

Hashtags in social media: #AfricainsInUkraine, #FleeingWhileBlack
Instagram: @BlackPeopleInUkraine, @NigeriansLeavingUkraine

There are BIPoC volunteer structures supporting at neighbouring countries [you can donate here]


  • 200 BIPoC collectively protested and finally successfully pushed through the ukranian-polish border after 2 days. The guards tried to stop them and tried to block the way with vehicels but they were stronger. (Sources: 1 / 2)
    Alexander Somto Orah participated in and filmed the break-through, the video got viral. he afterwards gave some interviews about the situation of BIPoC at the borders.
  • Fascists in Poland are now chasing BIPoC who fled from Ukraine (Source 1 / 2). This are some of them.
  • there is reports of broken bones of BIPoC by polish border guards
  • also BIPoC were threatened be shot as can be seen by a video posted by Michael Morgan
  • BIPoC are kicked out of trains or prohibited to get on them (also you can see this in this video gone viral)
  • According to Vukile Dlamini, a medical student who is volunteering in these structures, two BIPoC died of cold while they had to wait on the border at 2 degrees for 2 days


  • Activist who tweets & retweets a lot of personal reports about reports of racism at the borders!
  • Dr. Awofaa, a doctor who is doing medical emergency response at the Ukranian-Polish Border after he himself had to flee Ukrania tweets about the racism that BIPoC are facing at the borders. He is still searching for medical volunteers.

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