Operation Solidarity – Day 8

to our friends,

the situation with our structures on the ground is complicated. we cannot report on it in detail for security reasons. but we are working hard to maintain and expand our structures under difficult conditions.

our blog is now also regularly mirrored in french.

there is also a new site that tries to counter the russian propaganda with analsis. let’s see how it develops, feel free to check it out.

in germany, soli-shirts were printed for us. on the one hand, the proceeds go into our structures and on the other hand, we hope that the wearers will be able to talk to people and distribute counter-information directly.

ukainians looking for a place to stay in germany could check out this page.

solidarity will win

One thought to “Operation Solidarity – Day 8”

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    Мы выстоим , мы не стадимся.

    Please help the Ukrainian army to fight the invaders.
    We will stand, we will not stand.

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