Operation Solidarity – Day 9

to our friends

we have heard from some supporters that there were problems with wise and the transfer to our bank account.
in one case wise justified it with the sanctions against russia – the bank to which the account belongs is located in donetsk. did wise already accept the russian annexation?
in any case, we are currently checking what we can do about it. in the meantime we recommend another donation account for bank transfer, crypto is still working. all those who have transferred something and whose money has not yet arrived: please check whether it has worked, complain if not and otherwise simply send the money again to the account of abc dresden.

we have already received the first deliveries of aid, as we reported on our telegram channel. here is a small insight.

in russia there is a call to take to the streets tomorrow – against putin and against the war. a good time to take to the streets worldwide against the invasion, against the dictatorship and for freedom!

in the meantime there are a lot of big organized help offers for people who are fleeing from ukraine. we took a look at some of them:

–> humanitarian but seems really okay; offers of accomodation/transport/help with administative shit/translation in GER/POL/SLO/CZ/HUN/SZ/AUS
–> uses google-form as base

–> humanitarian, kinda professional, ok

–> commercial. if people want to rent a furnished flat at lower cost, it might be okay, but it is commercial hipster start-up

further flixbus is offering free transport from the polish borders – and is not depending on your citizienship.

anarchists and antifascists on the run who want to stay with comrades are very welcome to contact us directly. but we also help everyone else where we can.

solidarity will win

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