Operation Solidarity – Day 12

to our friends,

we have completely revised our donation page – and also added many helpful additions, especially on cryptocurrencies.

the first aid shipments to our territorial defense units have arrived. also thanks to your help and donations.

Walkie-talkies, tactical gloves, knee pads, individual integrated fighting systems and more. The things that we receive or buy all over Ukraine and abroad have reached the final addressee, our Territorial Defense fighters, thanks to your support.

a new analysis titled War in Ukraine: Ten Lessons from Syria has been published on crimethinc – in addition, previous analyses can now be downloaded there as zines. spread the word.

international solidarity continues to be beautiful to see. as the ezln writes in their statement:

Our duty is to support them to the best of our ability. A word, an image, a tune, a dance, a raised fist, or a hug that even from distant geographies provide support that will lift their hearts.

To resist is to persevere and to prevail. We should support these allies in their resistance, which is to say in their fight for life. We owe it to them and they owe it to us.

also this picture reaches us from the so-called philippines:

also, there is now a poster for our campaign which will be shipped for free (just need postage to be paid).

we are currently working on an overview article about the situation of roma at the borders. here you can already find some of the sources (as it makes sense to share them as soon as possible):

solidarity will win

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