Operation Solidarity – Day 25

to our friends,

here is a small contribution from our telegram account about the battle of information. in the near future we will also set up a page here, which will collect the reports about and with us.
whoever can help on this terrain – through interviews, reports, etc. – is welcome to contact us.

The role of struggle in the information space today is difficult to overestimate. That is why it is extremely important for us to inform libertarian activists around the world why today a neutral or equidistant position on war only works in favor of the aggressor. Why the responsibility for its solution lies solely with the leadership of the Russian Federation. And why those who have always stood for peace are now taking up arms to achieve it. That is why members of Operation Solidarity regularly take part in conferences, discussions, give interviews to the Western media and try to form an international coalition to support the resistance movement in Ukraine. Here are just some of the activities we participated in:

– interview with the Spanish publication EL PAÍS;

– three events organized by the International Executive Committee (IEC) – International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International (IWU-FI) in Barcelona, ​​Gerona and Lleida (Spain). Two more performances are planned in Portugal and Brazil;

– solidarity event organized by the Berlin housing project Kopi 137 «Fuck war, Fuck Putler»;

– online discussion «Global solidarity: Voices from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia against the states and the militarization of the planet» by CrimethInc; [a German translation of our part in it can be found here]

– conferences with the international network Solidarity from below;

– discussion «War in Ukraine» in the anarchist infocafe in Berlin;

– interview for Mutual Exchange Radio;

– interview with Italian Radio Blackout.

and the good news: we have a new paypal account!
you can now simply send money to asolidaritywithukraine@riseup.net – other donation options are available on our site.

thanks a lot to all of you who have donated lately!

solidarity will win

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