Operation Solidarity – Day 26

to our friends,

we have created a new page – on it you will find a lot of material that you can use for posters, designs, etc.
feel free to send us pictures if any of it is used.
of course we are also happy about other graphics we can use.

some posters have already appeared on the streets. you can find more pictures in the soli gallery.

there will be two soli events in germany in the next days:

the german organization Connection e.V. and the Movement of Conscientious Objectors to Military Service issued a statement to russian military personnel and recruits who wish to refuse military service. at ovd info you can also find an overview of current protests in russia. there is also a new article about labor struggles in russia at crimethinc.
the russian empire in combination with the eu border regime proves once again to be deadly:


make sure the empire and putin fall – in russia, belarus and ukraine. solidarity with all who resist.

solidarity will win

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