Operation Solidarity โ€“ Day 30

to our friends,

we are pleased to receive the statement of solidarity from the international campaign riseup 4 rojava for the anti-authoritarian units of territorial self-defense. our struggle against fascism is international โ€“ Hemรป bi hev re dijรฎ faลŸizmรช.

on our telegram, we shared a petition to have ukraine’s debt cancelled. we want to emphasize that we are not concerned with the state, but with civil society, which we hope would also benefit from a cancellation.

Today, Ukraine’s gross foreign debt is $ 125 billion, of which $ 57 billion is public debt, or government-guaranteed debt. In 2022, Ukraine will have to pay $4.3 billion, of which $2.3 billion will be paid on IMF loans. At the same time, every day the war takes millions, and the reconstruction of cities and infrastructure destroyed by the Russian army will cost billions. Therefore, we consider it extremely important to support the initiative of the organization Social Movement, which has launched a campaign to cancel Ukraine’s foreign debt. The Guardian also addressed the importance of such move.

Operation Solidarity calls for support for this campaign, signing of a petition, and the demand for the cancellation of Ukraine’s public debt from its governments and international financial institutions. This will not stop Russian tanks today, but in the future it will allow to rebuild the country’s infrastructure faster, rebuild destroyed homes of refugees and prevent the introduction of austerity policies.


the media collective submedia made this video in support of abc dresden’s fundraising.

solidarity will win

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