Operation Solidarity – Day 29

to our friends,

as reported yesterday we have had more patches made collectively for the anarchist territorial defense units.
the belarusian flag is the banned flag of the opposition in belarus, which is carried by leftist (non-anarchist) participants of the territorial defense.

One of the most important “operations” of Operation Solidarity is coming to an end. We bought 100 body armor level IV+ and today they all arrived in Lviv. This will provide protection for the majority of anti-authoritarian activists in the Territorial Defense. 50 bulletproof vests have already been sent to Kyiv. Thanks to everyone! Our next priority is helmets, tactical medicine and technological equipment, for which we continue to need your support. Our details: operation-solidarity.org/donate.


in finland people have taken our collection of materials to the streets, we are very happy about it.

and from germany we got the info that at a climate strike action of fridays for future flensburg donation pots for operation solidarity went around. it is important to find common ground in movements.

solidarity will win

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