Operation Solidarity – Day 28

to our friends,

our friends from abc dresden support us from the beginning, they have just published an overview of the distributed donations on their blog.

we were also able to distribute some medical products:

Operation Solidarity donated drips, sterile gowns and gloves for operations to the Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute.


we also collectively made new patches for the fighting units:

35 chevrons for Territorial Defence Forces β€” result of the amazing work of Tony and Masha, members of the sewing cooperative ReSew. This is the second batch of chevrons from ReSew. Operation Solidarity is delivering them to our fighters.

The ReSew sewing cooperative is a horizontal, anti-authoritarian, queer-feminist initiative from Kyiv, which is sewing clothes for people in need, conducts workshops on upcycling and repair of textile items.


meanwhile, in russia, a molotov flew at the kremlin:

also, here is a list of properties owned by russian oligarchs.

furthermore we want to recommend you this contribution on twitter from riseup 4 rojava, which analyzes the reaction of turkish fascism to the war. furthermore you can find here a contribution about the situation of disabled people at the borders of ukraine.

in hamburg a solidarity photo was made for the fallen comrade Ihor β€œCrimean” Volokhov. <3

In Solidarity with the fighting people on the Ukrainian territory and in remember for the comrade Ihor Volokhov, which was murdered by a russian rocket, we came together on the Balduintreppe in Hamburg on 19 March 2022 to take a picture in solidarity. 25 days have passed since Putin attacked the Ukrain. We stand on side of every people which are in opostion with the mindset of state and nation and fight against faschism and power.

War against the war!

we published today the second report of our comrades from anarchist solidarity – check it out and abolish the borders from below.

and to all people who use instagram, we would like to suggest a follow on this account. there you will find regular sharepics from our blog, which you are welcome to share. spread the word!

solidarity will win

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