Operation Solidarity – Day 34

to our friends,

we gave an interview to 161crew, you can find it here in polish, here in german and in english at freedom news:

also we were sent this pad which starts to collect anarchist sources from belarus, russia and ukraine.

A basic tool that organizes info on anarchist resources & concrete solidarity (focusing on French but also with some English content, and with links to non-anarchist & refugee language pads too). It’s an interim way of sharing info – anyone who can make the content more accessible is encouraged to do so!!

worldwide soli actions continue, we are happy to receive a solidarity translation from brazil and the report of a solidarity picnic from wales (pictures in our gallery) – and in london squatters call for a summer of anarchy. also a few actions of the broader civil society (in which also left and anarchist forces participated) were collected here.

in lviv recently one of us was attacked – we want to add that the attackers should also question the shit in their heads.

Please share widely

In Lviv, the neonazis from the Misanthropic Division attacked our fellow volunteer, who was helping the soldiers with ammunition, equipment, and bulletproof vests. It happened near a military supply store, where he went for new purchases. He has a broken finger.

Let us not forget that Ukrainian anti-authoritarian and left-wing activists are organizing resistance to the invaders, helping the fighters, supporting hospitals and people in need of food, care and scarce medicines. Attacks on us, our comrades or acquaintances = SUPPORT TO THE OCCUPIER.

We strongly recommend all racial fighters to stop doing nonsense in the rear and start doing useful things. Want action? You know where to go.

P.S. one of the attackers.


solidarity will win

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