Operation Solidarity โ€“ Day 35

to our friends,

here again the reference to a helpful site for all those who are now on the run because of the war or those who ask themselves how they can support refugees and people on the ground in ukraine:

The Russian invasion of Ukraine received not only a military response, but led to a surge in self-organization and mutual assistance. There are so many initiatives that it is sometimes easy to get lost in them.

Therefore, volunteers from different countries have created a resource nowar.help. It accumulates useful materials for war victims: how to safely leave the war zone, where to find housing, how to continue the education process, where to get legal advice and much, much more. There are also separate reference categories for the most vulnerable groups, such as people with disabilities or hearing impairments, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and so on.

Among other things, you can find links to friendly support groups, as well as options for donors to support the Ukrainian army or humanitarian needs. One of them is Operation Solidarity.

In case you want to add information about any other useful initiative – contact the authors of the project via mail@nowar.help.


ukrainian care-givers who were already working in poland before the war together with the newly arrived ones have now organized themselves in a syndicalist way. here you can find the union page about it in polish.

another mission statement of ours was published on anarchist news – here you can already find a version in brazilian portguese.

at black mosquito you can now order the solidarity posters of the ‘projet evasions’ in german and english against printing costs. furthermore there is a digital sampler of different international artists, which benefits the anti-authoritarian forces in ukraine on the one hand and the abc moscow on the other hand.

in montreal there was also an anarchist demonstration against the war and in solidarity with the anarchists and antifascists fighting against the dictatorship:

a final anecdote: a few weeks ago we reported problems with international transfers via wise to our first bank account. a person in solidarity has now been annoying the customer service and found out that wise now considers donzek (the seat of the bank, with ukrainian iban) as part of russia and therefore does not transfer anything further. a cheek! check out our donation page, to find always the recent and working ways how to donate.

solidarity will win

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