Operation Solidarity – Day 42

to our friends,

first of all we want to share with you our impressions from bucha:

Yesterday, members of Operation Solidarity, together with journalists and animal rights activists, visited Irpin and Bucha. 35 days of hell – this is how people with whom we managed to communicate characterize the period of occupation. Cities were severely damaged, and burned military equipment and shot down civilian vehicles became part of their landscape. Today we would like to show you photos of what we saw. Photo: Murat Bay, Oskar Hallgrimsson, Sergey Movchan


in italy people in solidarity seem to have tried to hold one of the responsible symbolically accountable:

there is also news from our anarchist comrades from belarus and russia. the anarchist network avtonom has now been blocked in russia. the comrades of pramen from belarus have also published a new statement regarding their lower activity that is worth reading.
we agree with their conclusion: For a world without wars, state and capitalism

solidarity will win

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