Operation Solidarity – Day 64

to our friends,

first of all, we would like to give you another insight into our practical work in ukraine:

Before the war, Maxim defended the rights of refugees who had fled to Ukraine from conflicts and authoritarian regimes in other regions. And today 4 million have been forced to flee Ukraine because of Russia’s full-scale invasion. Now human rights activists are defending the country on the battlefield so that people can return here as soon as possible. Operation Solidarity has handed over tourniquets, load-bearing equipment, tactical goggles and a thermal imaging camera to Maxim’s unit.


at this point we would like to thank samuel, who has supported us with his layout-skills since the beginning of our work – and that with a lot of initiative and creativity. you can see some of his work on the material page.
if you are looking for help with layout (and unlike us also maybe even with the possibility to pay something for it), please contact him.

another project we have worked with from the beginning is the solidarity apothecary – they are currently distributing medicine at the border in poland to refugees and need some support:

there will be another solidarity event for us in berlin soon, thank you.

and last but not least we want to point to this interview with one of the imprisoned anarchists in belarus. freedom for all!

solidarity will win

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