Operation Solidarity – Day 65

to our friends,

first of all, we would like to share a report from our headquarter:

Russian troops have withdrawn from Kyiv, but Russian weapons continue to kill. Kyiv was hit by a rocket attack on a multi-storey residential building yesterday. Rescuers reported that 10 were injured and a body of a woman was pulled out from under the rubble. The victim turned out to be the journalist of the Radio Liberty Vera Girich.

Photos from the scene by our comrade.


tomorrow is May Day – we wish all comrades a strong, militant day. we hope that there will be many signs of solidarity with the international, anti-fascist and anti-authoritarian struggle … and want to call you here to send us photos if there is something in your city related to solidarity with ukrainian anarchists and against russian imperialism.

furthermore, this beautiful motive, named after the newspaper β€Ίway to freedomβ€Ή will soon be available as a shirt – to support the comrades of kharkiv hardcore. it can be pre-ordered until sunday evening at black mosquito and opor streetwear.

solidarity will win

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