Operation Solidarity – Day 75

to our friends,

Congratulations on Victory Day over Nazism!

This has been the name of today’s [09.05.] holiday in Ukraine since 2016, replacing Soviet Victory Day. The photo shows our comrade in equipment given by Operation Solidarity posing with a downed Russian APC at the backdrop.

in addition, the victory over nazi germany was also commemorated in berlin on may 9. at the invitation of the post-east migrantifa berlin, a speech by us was read out there.
the memorial of the concentration camp neuengamme had already kicked out all official representatives of belarus and russia to commemorate the day of the liberation of the camp in april.
in warsaw, the russian ambassador wanted to take part in a commemorative event, but was greeted appropriately.
and there were subversive actions in russia as well – before the parade, the city was covered with anti-war stickers along the route and a brave anarchist commemorated Ihor “Crimean” Volokhov during the parade.
here are some pictures:

we were also happy to see this soli action from italy – an anarchist collective sells homemade pasta and cultivated artichokes at a market and donates the proceeds to us. the action also includes a different perspective on economy and cultivation structures, so it also includes something of the utopia of tomorrow.

solidarity will win

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