Operation Solidarity – Day 77

to our friends,

first of all, we would like to share here two reports about our civil and humanitarian work.

Operation Solidarity took humanitarian aid to Chernihiv while gasoline was still available*. The city has suffered severe destruction and is on the brink of a humanitarian disaster, so almost everything is needed there. We have handed over food and clothes to the people, and are preparing for more trips as soon as possible.

* – Ukraine has an acute fuel shortage because of a Russian missile hitting the Kremenchuk oil refinery plant and destroying oil depots.


We donated food to the Lipa cafe, which will turn into free lunches for those who need them.

From the first day of the war, the Lipa cafe in Kyiv become a shelter for the teams of two cafes and their friends who decided to stay in the city. Soon the kitchen started working again – the cafe workers began preparing and delivering lunches for the old people, hospitals and the military. Today it’s 500 servings per day!


furthermore, the anarcho-syndicalist union fau has published a flyer for carers from ukraine who are looking for work in germany, which can probably help many people right now.

and we also had a visit from a left-wing newspaper from germany:

solidarity will win

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