Operation Solidarity – Day 95

to our friends,

in switzerland there is a new fundraising, from which among others we get a part of the money. for friends from switzerland probably the easiest way to donate for us at the moment.

the people from infoladen magazin have also made very nice solidarity silkscreen posters, some can still be ordered:

a nice video of the occupation of a russian oligarch’s villa in austria has surfaced here:

and also we want to share the warning about collective deportations from germany to georgia:

Warning: Collective deportation to Georgia via Munich on 02.06.22

A collective deportation to Georgia via Munich Airport seems to be planned for 2nd June 2022!

If you have contact to potentially affected people, warn them!

We advise all Georgians “obliged to leave the country” (=”ausreisepflichtig”) to urgently visit a counselling centre or a lawyer. We especially recommend that you make sure that the foreigners authorities are informed about existing illnesses, upcoming education and also other “integration services”.

You can find current information at Deportation-Alarm: https://noborderassembly.blackblogs.org/deportation-alarm/

solidarity will win

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