Operation Solidarity – Day 96

to our friends,

we would like to recommend the following online discussion on 12.06. – maybe it makes sense to watch it together with friends, in your affinity group or in the context of an public event.

Confronting War & Racism: Migration & Solidarity in Eastern Europe

Sunday June 12th; 12pm US/Pacific; 3pm US/Eastern; 9pm Central Europe

Join us virtually at: CWC.IM/MigrationSolidarity

A panel presenting grassroots perspectives on the situation in Ukraine and the broader context of migration in Europe. Featuring: a Ukrainian anti-authoritarian volunteer on mutual aid and territorial defense; a Roma activist on the impact of the crisis on the Ukrainian Roma community; and a Polish No Borders volunteer on racism towards refugees at the Polish/Belarus border.

There will be presentations by the panelists, followed by moderated discussion, and audience Q&A.

This event is presented by a collaborative of concerned collectives and individuals. Solidarity will win!

Statement of Guiding Principles:

– No human is ever illegal.
– While we are against the military industrial complex more broadly, we fully support those on the ground in Ukraine, Syria, and elsewhere who are acting in self-defense to protect themselves from imperialist invasion.
– The painful experience of migration can be further compounded by factors such as racism, sexism, class, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, religious discrimination, and other oppressive power structures.
– The historical record regarding war and genocide often fails to recognize impacts on marginalized communities, thereby invisibilizing their suffering and experiences.

solidarity will win

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