Operation Solidarity – Day 98

to our friends,

here is another event announcement – this time for the next weekend in the netherlands.
the friends of the anarchist group amsterdam are also collecting money for us; for people from the netherlands maybe an easy version to donate money to us.

Anarchist from Kyiv – Ukraine at the Pinksterlanddagen /Appelscha

For more than 3 months there has been war in Ukraine. While in the first days of war the news was checked every few hours, for most people in Western Europe the situation is slowly becoming normal. A stalemate is developing at the front, more and more people are fleeing to the west of Ukraine and from there further to Central and Western Europe. Libertarian, anarchist and anti-fascist activists have joined forces and started to organize before the war and now act e.g. under the label Operation Solidarity. An anarchist companion from Anarchist Black Cross in Kiev will tell us about her perspective on Russia, Ukraine, and anarchist life in the country before and during the war.

The presentation will be in English. We will organize a translation if needed.

We, the Anarchist Group Amsterdam, have been supporting our comrades in Ukraine since the beginning of the war who resisted the occupying forces with extremely limited resources and with direct solidarity aid provide people with food, medicine and help people escaping from war.

This meeting will take place on Sunday 5 June
at 17 oclcok in the Gym room during the Pinksterlanddagen.
Address: Aekingaweg 1 A Appelscha, Holland

solidarity will win

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