Operation Solidarity – Day 109

to our friends,

first of all we would like to draw your attention to this collection action in berlin:

the comrades from abc belarus have published a new statement on the war:

and in russia resistance seems to become more concrete:

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 107

to our friends,

don’t forget to tune in here tomorrow:


furthermore, another article has appeared in the mainstream press about the anarchist fighters against the russian army.

furthermore we want to share the call of the kurdish comrades – because also in rojava new war is threatening. bijî berxwedana rojava!

DAY X: Turkish Invasion imminent

Evaluation of current situation & call for action We call on all democrats, antifascists, feminists, the ecological movement and anti-war activists to prepare themselves for Day X; the day of a invasion by Turkey on Rojava and the Autonomous Administration of North- and Eastern Syria. In case of an attack we will give the signal to start acting. To give a proper answer to an attack we have to prepare now and be ready to Block, Disturb & Occupy the supporters of Turkish Fascism and to defend the achievements of the Revolution!

Evaluation & Call for action: English / German / Greek / French

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 101

to our friends,

today we want to share with you some thoughts about pride month:

The First Pride was a riot! June is the month of the Pride, the visibility and support of LGBTQ+ community, and the commemoration of the Stonewall uprising, its causes and liberation background.

Today there are many LGBTQ+ people who protect, volunteer and work for the best of our country and people. Strong, courageous, and proud they resist, so Ukraine can become a free and safe place. So it will be! Because of the Pride month we mentioned a series of interviews about local queer-anarchists that were published in the winter. They had an aim to meet and acquaint interested people with the community here, people, their ideas and practices. And today we finally saw the translation of the last interview, which we recommend you to read. The full cycle of the interview is available here.


and also a call for donations for a comrade:

On the photos below is our comrade, Artur Kondratovich during his journey to Chernihiv. Last months he had been organizing logistics and delivery of humanitarian help to people and animals in Kyiv & Chernihiv’ regions who became war victims. Also he is a Belarus activist, one of the members of “RD’s case”, he is in the wanted list of Interpol (thanks to lukashenko’s regiment) and political refugee in Ukraine from 2017 where SSU tried to departure him. But, for himself he chose to help our country and people, so he became a battle medic in “Hospitaliers”. He got through the fast course, his role is tactmed/fireman and soon he will go to Donbas.

Right now Artur & his unit has unsolved needs so he asked to organize the fundraising for them. They need:

– bullets (5.56×223, 62 or 70 GRN);

– modificators for weapons (grips, buttstocks etc.);

– some additional equipment and cloths.

If you want to support Artur, you can donate him directly through PayPal.

PayPal avp2313@gmail.com


next week this blog will take a little break, we will be back at the weekend and will post all updates here (follow our social media in this time, if you look for the newest news).
and as a reminder, we would like to point out this upcoming discussion.

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 99

to our friends,

today we have updated our coverage page: on the one hand we have added a report from the comrades of enough 14 about their time in ukraine. it is already from may 10, but has escaped us until now. unfortunately also only available in german.

there is also a new interview with a person from the resistance committee:

and then another part of alexis’ video documentary has been released:

Greek filmmaker Alexis Daloumis reached Kharkiv and published a new documentary about the grassroots volunteer movement there, military actions and the situation in the city. We highly recommend to watch it!

last but not least, we send flaming greetings to those anarcho-communists who sabotaged military railroad lines in russia. [German translation of their statement]

solidarity will win