Operation Solidarity – Day 5

To our friends,

this morning we reported on our Instagram account about Putin’s use of prohibited weapons of war. Please spread this info.


There are many offers to accommodate people at the moment, thank you very much. We are trying to help you in the best possible way. We ourselves have a Telegram channel where we can invite you. Send us a short mail with what you have to offer or what you are looking for and your Telegram username and we will add you.

Also, this morning we shared some legal info for people from Ukraine who are in Germany or want to go there. Here is also a platform that arranges accommodation in Berlin (not from us) here.

Recently activists seem to have developed an online game that allows automated ddos attacks on Russian propaganda sites.

The secure messenger Signal counters rumors on Twitter that it is under attack. More and more people are switching to it right now – and we want to recommend it to you, too.

To end on a good note, we’ve received many expressions of solidarity and financial support again today – whether from Punx in Germany, anti-fascists in Australia, or anarchists in the US (and the countless others). Thank you.

Solidarity will win.

Legal Info Germany

This is a short compilation of what could be relevant for people coming from Ukraine to Germany or who are already here. Maybe you know people for whom this is relevant. However, this information is no substitute for individual advice! Some things will certainly change in the next few weeks or months, since decisions of the federal government, the states and the EU are still pending, as far as residence perspectives are concerned. It looks like the so-called “EU mass influx directive” could be activated, which would facilitate a non-bureaucratic admission. However, this can only be done at the EU level. However, we know the following so far:

First of all important: It is advised not to apply for asylum immediately without a prior consultation. Every person concerned should get individual advice beforehand, if possible. Once an asylum application is filed, this blocks many other residence possibilities that could be possible especially for people with Ukrainian citizenship (through work, family, studies, etc), even if the asylum application is later withdrawn.

Visa exemption: people with Ukrainian citizenship have the right to enter without a visa (so it is a legal entry, not the so-called “illegal” entry). This means that you can enter the country without any further ado and then have a legal short stay (90 days). Unfortunately, a biometric passport is still required.
Without visa exemption: Those who do not have a passport or are third-country nationals residing in Ukraine can, according to information from the German Foreign Office, apply for a visa for Germany from now on as an exception at the foreign missions in neighboring countries of Ukraine.

Extension of stay after the 90 days: After the 90 days have expired, it is also possible in principle to apply for a genuine residence permit for another 90 days at the Foreigners’ Registration Office.
In Berlin there is just an extension for Ukrainians* who are already here visa-free or with a visit visa without having to apply for it, for the time being until May 31.
You can use this time to get advice on what options are open to you. During this time, however, one is (according to the current status) excluded from social benefits and also receives no work permit, if no asylum application is filed.

For Ukrainians who are already in Germany:

1) Ukrainians who are here without a visa or with a visit visa, i.e. who have not applied for asylum, can currently also apply for a residence permit directly at the Foreigners’ Registration Office (at the Ausländerbehörde, NOT at the BAMF!) (e.g. because of family, work, studies, etc.), if they meet the requirements for this without having to go through the visa procedure.
2. for Ukrainians* who are currently already in the asylum procedure: There is a decision stop at the BAMF (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees), so you do not need to do anything at the moment. In case of doubt: Visit a counseling center. 3.
3) For Ukrainians who have already unsuccessfully applied for asylum in Germany and have been rejected and are still in Germany: They will not be deported at the moment! In principle, there is the possibility of a follow-up application, but since much is in motion, especially at the EU level, it is advised to wait and see what the developments will bring. And it is best to seek individual advice in the coming weeks.

The disadvantages of a hasty asylum application can be: The obligation to live in an initial reception center, to be redistributed within Germany, so you can not choose the place of residence, possibly to get into the Dublin procedure, possibly a block on other residence options. So be sure to get advice beforehand!

Operation Solidarity – Day 4

To our friends,

For today we would like to draw your attention to the offer of Czech psychologists to provide free psychological help to Ukrainians who are fleeing. The offer can be found here.

While Russian propaganda claims everybody in Ukraine is a ›Nazi‹, we just received pictures from Ukrainian anarchists who joined the Territorial Defense of Kiev.

Our comrades from Black Mosquito have designed a solidarity shirt with this motif, which you can spread freely.

Furthermore we are happy about every soli-action – some of the last days can be seen here:

Solidarity will win.

Operation Solidarity – Day 3

To our friends,

we have just once more to say thank you!
Continue with all your efforts.

In Poland and Germany, fleeing people from Ukraine can now travel free of charge on the trains. This makes transportation easier.

Donations from Germany can also be transferred well here:

Account: UGMR
IBAN: DE57 4306 0967 1216 4248 00
Note: Ukraine

And finally a few sharepics people made and send to us that you can use for social media.

Solidarity will win!

Operation Solidarity – Day 2

To our friends,

we look back on a short night and an full day. We are doing well so far.

We now have a stable structure for accommodations all over Europe (further offers of help are of course welcome). However, because of the attack on Kiev our coordination is a bit chaotic. Comrades who are currently on the run, please contact us via e-mail. So we can help out the best way we can.

Furthermore, we can also use support here on the ground – we need help with infrastructure and everything else. If you can imagine to travel to Ukraine, please contact us.

Solidarity will win