Operation Solidarity – Day 98

to our friends,

here is another event announcement – this time for the next weekend in the netherlands.
the friends of the anarchist group amsterdam are also collecting money for us; for people from the netherlands maybe an easy version to donate money to us.

Anarchist from Kyiv – Ukraine at the Pinksterlanddagen /Appelscha

For more than 3 months there has been war in Ukraine. While in the first days of war the news was checked every few hours, for most people in Western Europe the situation is slowly becoming normal. A stalemate is developing at the front, more and more people are fleeing to the west of Ukraine and from there further to Central and Western Europe. Libertarian, anarchist and anti-fascist activists have joined forces and started to organize before the war and now act e.g. under the label Operation Solidarity. An anarchist companion from Anarchist Black Cross in Kiev will tell us about her perspective on Russia, Ukraine, and anarchist life in the country before and during the war.

The presentation will be in English. We will organize a translation if needed.

We, the Anarchist Group Amsterdam, have been supporting our comrades in Ukraine since the beginning of the war who resisted the occupying forces with extremely limited resources and with direct solidarity aid provide people with food, medicine and help people escaping from war.

This meeting will take place on Sunday 5 June
at 17 oclcok in the Gym room during the Pinksterlanddagen.
Address: Aekingaweg 1 A Appelscha, Holland

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 96

to our friends,

we would like to recommend the following online discussion on 12.06. – maybe it makes sense to watch it together with friends, in your affinity group or in the context of an public event.

Confronting War & Racism: Migration & Solidarity in Eastern Europe

Sunday June 12th;Β 12pm US/Pacific; 3pm US/Eastern; 9pm Central Europe

Join us virtually at: CWC.IM/MigrationSolidarity

A panel presenting grassroots perspectives on the situation in Ukraine and the broader context of migration in Europe. Featuring: a Ukrainian anti-authoritarian volunteer on mutual aid and territorial defense; a Roma activist on the impact of the crisis on the Ukrainian Roma community; and a Polish No Borders volunteer on racism towards refugees at the Polish/Belarus border.

There will be presentations by the panelists, followed by moderated discussion, and audience Q&A.

This event is presented by a collaborative of concerned collectives and individuals. Solidarity will win!

Statement of Guiding Principles:

– No human is ever illegal.
– While we are against the military industrial complex more broadly, we fully support those on the ground in Ukraine, Syria, and elsewhere who are acting in self-defense to protect themselves from imperialist invasion.
– The painful experience of migration can be further compounded by factors such as racism, sexism, class, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, religious discrimination, and other oppressive power structures.
– The historical record regarding war and genocide often fails to recognize impacts on marginalized communities, thereby invisibilizing their suffering and experiences.

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 95

to our friends,

in switzerland there is a new fundraising, from which among others we get a part of the money. for friends from switzerland probably the easiest way to donate for us at the moment.

the people from infoladen magazin have also made very nice solidarity silkscreen posters, some can still be ordered:

a nice video of the occupation of a russian oligarch’s villa in austria has surfaced here:

and also we want to share the warning about collective deportations from germany to georgia:

Warning: Collective deportation to Georgia via Munich on 02.06.22

A collective deportation to Georgia via Munich Airport seems to be planned for 2nd June 2022!

If you have contact to potentially affected people, warn them!

We advise all Georgians “obliged to leave the country” (=”ausreisepflichtig”) to urgently visit a counselling centre or a lawyer. We especially recommend that you make sure that the foreigners authorities are informed about existing illnesses, upcoming education and also other “integration services”.

You can find current information at Deportation-Alarm: https://noborderassembly.blackblogs.org/deportation-alarm/

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 94

to our friends,

today we want to encourage you to support the anarchist movement facing repression in belarus as well:

It’s been almost two years since the 2020 protests in Belarus. The anarchist movement, just like the rest of activists and jounalists, has faced the biggest crackdown ever. Many activists had to leave the country, others got behind bars. ABC-Belarus continues its activity and needs support more than ever. At the moment, there are about 30 imprisoned anarchists and antifascists in Belarus and the number keeps growing.

We are in the middle of a big trial with 10 defendants that would probably last for the whole summer. Read more about the case here – https://abc-belarus.org/?p=13936&lang=en Every week just this case alone costs us 3000 euros. Without your help, we won’t be able to provide support in this trial for long, meaning that the activists will lose their opportunity to get legal aid. Other comrades need lawyer’s visits, food parcels, appeals – all this requires more money than we are able to gather.

Any donations are more than welcome! Please share this call with your comrades and groups, organize fundraising events for us and spread the word about Belarusian imprisoned anarchists.

solidarity will win